So - you wanna be a Model - eh?

That's great because the REAL BIG HAIR BALL™ event always needs Models - and Models in the "HAIR BALL" show are really Actors/Actresses!

We produce quite a few shows throughout a year and fresh new faces are what we are always looking for.

We are currently looking for Models for upcoming shows!

Models/Actresses must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a Model/Actor/Actress release and consent form.

® event is a "performance art" type of show. There are many different salons that are involved in the shows. We help the salons find models for their "skits". Each salon uses from several up to 40 or more models. Each show consists of ten to 14 salons. So, a REAL BIG HAIR BALL® event can easily need 170 or more models.
Being a Model/Actress is exciting in many ways:
  • You perform on stage to a wildly packed theater.
  • Have hair and make-up done in a most creative way.
  • Work with other young creative people.
  • Experience being on stage for a "performance art" fashion show.
  • Be photographed and video taped.
  • Become a part of a fashion entertainment revolution!
  • Meet some incredibly dedicated individuals.
  • Possibly be used in a future movie being produced about the REAL BIG HAIR BALL® event.

Models/Actors/Actresses do not get paid, but are compensated with their exposure and experience they acquire while performing in the show as well as food and beverages at the event. Photographers usually give out photos that they have taken - just ask!

Additionally, most salons give out gift certificates to the models they use and participating clothing stores usually give discounts to the models that wore their clothing!

So you want to do some of the most beautiful stage fashion shows. This is it!
So you want to do some weird mixed up "performance art". This is it!
So you want to be a sex god/goddess in front of 1,200 or more screaming people. This is it!
So you want to do the goofiest thing imaginable on stage. This is it!


Get in touch! A Model/Actor/Actress release form must be signed and a FREE Polaroid photograph taken for file. London Calling Salon is currently taking care of all model releases and photographs for Metro Detroit shows.

E-mail to find the location in other cities on the HAIR BALL tour - to fill out a release and have a Polaroid taken.

London Calling Ltd.
® is located at:
27380 Gratiot, Roseville, MI 48066
(586) 778-6379

Click here for directions to London Calling Ltd.®

Being a model in HAIR BALL® is fun! Being an extra in a movie might be more fun. Go to and discover how you may become an extra in a movie. Real Casting is a division of London Calling Ltd.®

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