Fashion - Hair and "Performance Art" Entertainment!
Also "HAIR BRAWL"™ - a competition - within the HAIR BALL®

These are Trademarked names and concepts of London Calling Ltd.®

The "HAIR BALL"™ event started when my salon had done hair and make-up for many of metro Detroit’s fashion shows in 1986. During one such fashion shows I produced a "skit" ("performance art") of my own (as an "opening act") to promote my salon - and I called it
By 1996 this became a successful event by itself simply called

Hair, Fashion, Performance Art, Competition & Educational Event
"Where Everyone Wins & Has Fun!"
Additionally, it benefits a charity
Any business can sponsor, any person 18 and over can attend, any salon, cosmetology schools, OR other business or performer may be in! Just ask!

Consists of up to 14 local salons or Cosmetology schools, clothing designers and "Performance Artists".
Each salon, cosmetology school, or clothing designer puts that put a "skit" together.
They find models, come up with their own concept and music.
Lastly, and most importantly, they do their models hair and make-up for their "skit".

It's sometimes difficult to forget the performances that you will see when attending an event. Wild - crazy - goofy - sexy - outrageous - beautiful are just several one-word descriptions that are commonly heard.

The "skits" are crazy and goofy (sometimes). In addition, there are some that are exquisitely beautiful, calming or amazingly exciting fusions of hair, make up, clothing, design and choreography.

You know, hairdressers want to do shows but rarely get the opportunity.

That is what the REAL BIG HAIR BALL® event is, as well as an opportunity for them to cut loose and do a stage presentation.

This event gives salons & cosmetology schools a venue to create.

The reason I produce this event!


Professional cosmetologists are, generally, exceptionally talented artists who rarely get the chance to produce spectacular creations.


While traveling through out the country performing professional shows for Rusk (as a Master Designer platform artist) I discovered hundreds of hairdressers who were bored with the salon – doing bobs and trims all day. They were generally unmotivated to excel.

What I heard repeatedly was that they (hairdressers) wanted an opportunity to do FUN and CREATIVE WORK.

I was already producing the HAIR BALL® event in metro Detroit (since 1986) for my salon team and I spoke about my "HAIR BALL" event as I traveled and hairdressers were turned on by it – and then it struck me – "I'll invite other local salons to join in" and get them out of stagnation too!

REAL BIG HAIR BALL® events have become a true success with 1,200 to 1,800+ in attendance at every event!

The salons and hairdressers participating are continually re-energized, re-charged, and bringing in more new young clients.

This fulfillment of artistic expressions creates an environment for GROWTH within participating salons, in ways seen immediately.

Further, this event benefits a charity - allowing participants to 'give back' to their community.

To these goals I am committed!

This event is being produced through-out the U.S. as well as internationally by London Calling® and London Calling® is currently seeking salons, hairdressers, clothing designers, all types of "Performance Artists" and the general public to participate or attend in your areas HAIR BALL® SHOW.

It is my hopes your salon, Cosmetology school, corporation, or business, will either participate in or sponsor a REAL BIG HAIR BALL® event.

It is also my hope that we will work together and help hairdressers out of stagnation and into motivation and growth.

I believe that with my abilities, talents, forethought, and past proven success these ongoing events will become a success far beyond what you may now believe possible. I look forward to talking to you in person about your involvement, and how further to improve this event.

London Calling Ltd.® invites you to attend the next "HAIR BALL"™ event yourself and see what true "fashion entertainment" is all about.

Though there has been some controversy - and there always will be some - regarding a "skit" performed, each salon, and performance artist or clothing designer produces their own "skit" within the show.
HAIR BALL™ is an opportunity for entertainment, education, fashion, hair, performers and for charity.
Please attend with an enthusiastic 'open mind' for self-expression!

Please contact Norman Wagner for professional references or references on past shows.
(586) 778-6379
Or on the internet:

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