Understand one thing about hairdressers:

At our root - hairdressers are artists


Helps hairdressers out of stagnation

Lets them see other salons and their talents
Encourages salon to become teams and to get involved (do a show)
Provides Salon Name Recognition
Encourages Salon Team Motivation & Growth
Provides artist/hairdressers a venue to create

HAIR BALL® has a capacity audience - a SOLD OUT theater!
It was also an educational event having had, among others - Damiano and Teri Guardino conducting a cut and color show.
This educational part of the show had an attendance of 189 hairdressers.

London Calling will produce an educational event, with the educators of your choice, during the day prior to the evenings entertainment.

Understand that as MANUFACTURER’S or DISTRIBUTOR’S the HAIR BALL® SHOW will provide:

Product name recognition to truly awesome demographics!

The HAIR BALL® show will enhance you:

  • IMAGE!!!!!

  • Distributor name Recognition

  • Manufacturer/Product Image

Sponsoring the HAIR BALL® show will:

  • Benefits a charity

  • Provide excellent future sales opportunities

  • Helps Salons, Cosmetologists and local "Performance Artists"

  • Gives an understanding of how hairdressers get stimulated

  • Develop your IMPORTANT IMAGE


Artists need to show what they do. And you know it!!

Read in General Information Page, if you have seen the Chicago Alternative Hair Show™ then you understand what to expect. The differences are that local salons will be performing rather than manufacturer’s teams and London Calling® will produce the entire event with over two decades of past production experience!

This is an avant-garde show or "performance art" produced by London Calling® in different cities put on by different local salons and "Performance Artists" to HUGELY packed theaters, bars, or other venues. We expect to sell out all of our events.


Proposed Real Big Hair Ball® event U.S. tour is: Detroit – Chicago – Dallas – St. Louis – Miami – Boston – San Diego – Minneapolis – Des Moines – Dayton – Los Angeles – Philadelphia – Seattle – Houston – Lafayette – Atlanta – West Palm Beach
Other Proposed "Hair Ball" event locations: Las Vegas, Nevada – Houston, Texas – Portland, Oregon – Toledo, Ohio – Windsor, Canada
Any other city, not listed above, that you would want to sponsor an event in can be accomplished.

You know, hairdressers want to do shows but rarely get the opportunity. The HAIR BALL® event is, as well as an opportunity for them to cut loose and do a stage presentation anyway they choose - anyway they can imagine!

This event gives salons a venue to create.

London Calling® is producing the HAIR BALL® show through-out the U.S. and Canada, etc.

BLUNTLY, it is my hopes your business or corporation will sponsor the HAIR BALL® show.

It is also my hope that we will work together and produce this event to help salons and "Performance Artists" into motivation and growth.

I believe that with my abilities, talents, forethought, and past proven success these ongoing events will become a success far beyond what you may now believe possible. I look forward to talking to you in person about your involvement, and how further to improve this event.
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"Come on - let's have fun!"™

Norman Wagner
(586) 778-6379
Or on the internet:

Norman Wagner - Producer

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